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Lincoln, NE

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paths of the Displaced

My friend Natalia Ledford (the one in the sunglasses, not the green one) is showing an awesome documentary called "Paths of the Displaced". Natalia is probably the most talented filmmaker I know, and she started making this powerful documentary in high school. If you are in Lincoln on Saturday, there is no excuse for not seeing it. Find out more here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Never Graduate

A friend of a friend Zach Gray did a very cool audio slideshow on OSU's biggest fan. Check it out here.

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Joshua Tree Park, CA

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Los Angeles, CA

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The Badlands, SD

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DeWitt, NE

Friday, June 19, 2009

The managers

DeWitt, NE

(This image was made for someone who means a lot to me.)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Steele City, NE

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tire graveyard

Falls City, NE

(resisting the urge to call this post "I'm Tired")

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Dream Team


Keep up on our progress across Nebraska. I would post more but the Internet connection isn't the best.

(From left: Kyle Bruggeman, Clay Lomneth, Patrick Breen.)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mas o menos


One of my favorite (read: only) phrases I remember from Spanish class is "mas o menos" meaning "more or less" as in "My website is complete, mas o menos."

So check it out, leave some feedback, you know the drill. It might be down a few times this week as I am still putting the finishing touches on it. I went with the awesome website building company Qufoto after I got too frustrated with HTML. But stay tuned for a wedding site designed by yours truly later this summer.

In other news, for those of you trying to contact me via e-mail, my Internet service the next month or so might be a bit spotty. I'm headed off on a trip across Nebraska to work on a story about how the recession has affected the happiest state in the country. If you need to reach me, hit me up on the cell at (402) 415-9911.

Have a great summer, I'll keep updating when I can with photos from the trip.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Laurey and Joel

It would be unfair to say that Laurey and Joel's wedding was my favorite to shoot thus far...but I might be bias, I've known Laurey and her son Ben for many years now.

So without picking favorites, let me say that this wedding was a blast to shoot. I had a great time, as, I'm sure, Greg did too. (Check his blog for images in a few days, I'll tell him to post them tomorrow.) I can see now where Ben gets his great sense of humor (and excellent dancing skills).

Thanks and good luck to both of you. It was an honor to shoot your wedding, and a lot of fun.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Iowa City by the numbers

Took a late-night trip down to Iowa City with Tom to visit a Ricky who had a partial lung collapse. He's doing fine, but a "get well soon, Ricky" is still in order.

Since Ricky was asleep most of the ride back, I drifted off into a daydream and compiled a list for you. Here's the number of:

Images I took: 375
Partial Ben Stiller movies watched on USA: 4
Cute X-Ray Techs: 1
Times I woke up Ricky accidentally by playing Jimmy Cliff too loud: 1
Energy drinks purchased: 7
Energy drinks I didn't finish because they tasted like cough medicine: 3
Donuts purchased with "the brightest sprinkles you have": 2
Fluid ounces of beer consumed: 120
Times Tom saw a bike chained up and began to tell me its features: +/-20
Times the doctors and nurses not communicating could have re-collapsed Ricky's lung: I lost count after three
Times I was surprised how cool Iowa City was: 9
Bags of animal crackers stolen from the hospital's command center: 2
Biplanes seen: 1
Times I heard to word "broheim" used sincerely: 1
Times I was daydreaming while driving and hit 90mph before I realized what I was doing: 4

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lori and Daniel

Lori and Daniel's wedding took place a few weeks back, and I'm glad I did. Both families somehow seemed to be made up of the friendliest people in the state. So, I suppose it was fate that Lori and Daniel met.
Be sure to check out Greg's blog for some awesome portraits from the wedding. And more weddings coming up later this week, so stay tuned...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Emily Anderson and Aaron Nix

Finally, the real couple...
Emily and Aaron must have been blessed by the weather gods. Waking up on Wednesday I was scrambling for portrait ideas involving an overcast sky. But by the time Aaron was done helping out at a film shoot, the sun was out and the sky was set up for a gorgeous sunset. Both Emily and Aaron were extremely accommodating, even driving out to Branched Oak Lake with us, where Aaron proposed and where they both met for the first time. (The "us" in that sentence, by the way, refers to my awesome assistants who just happen to be roommates Chelle and Breen.)

Good luck to Emily and Aaron in December

Thursday, May 14, 2009

James Pauley's awkward afternoon

In case you didn't know, I have some of the best roommates in the world. But this post is about one in particular, James Pauley, a brunette six foot plus Capricorn hailing from Omaha, Nebraska. I was looking for places in the Haymarket to shoot some engagement portraits, and James brought his A-game happy couple modeling. So thank you, James.

Stay tuned for the real couple coming later this week.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shannon Smith

Is an awkward yet patient model (and I thank her for that), is a lot cooler than she gives herself credit for.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cat in a sink

What did you expect?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bea Huff

Can not only read the writing on the walls but also is one of those writing on said walls, is the definition of awesome

Patrick Breen

Drama queen, is a much better photographer than he gives himself credit for.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A steak on her arm and a song in her heart

Went to Sioux City this weekend so my friend Bea and I could get tattoos. She got her sleeve worked on, which involves a tree made of meat.

P.S. Mine is temporary.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm pretty lucky

...to have the greatest friends in the world. Here are just two of them.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009


The first hours of 2009 were brought in with:


Piggy-back rides

And violence.

Happy New Year, hope yours starts better than mine.