Thursday, May 21, 2009

Iowa City by the numbers

Took a late-night trip down to Iowa City with Tom to visit a Ricky who had a partial lung collapse. He's doing fine, but a "get well soon, Ricky" is still in order.

Since Ricky was asleep most of the ride back, I drifted off into a daydream and compiled a list for you. Here's the number of:

Images I took: 375
Partial Ben Stiller movies watched on USA: 4
Cute X-Ray Techs: 1
Times I woke up Ricky accidentally by playing Jimmy Cliff too loud: 1
Energy drinks purchased: 7
Energy drinks I didn't finish because they tasted like cough medicine: 3
Donuts purchased with "the brightest sprinkles you have": 2
Fluid ounces of beer consumed: 120
Times Tom saw a bike chained up and began to tell me its features: +/-20
Times the doctors and nurses not communicating could have re-collapsed Ricky's lung: I lost count after three
Times I was surprised how cool Iowa City was: 9
Bags of animal crackers stolen from the hospital's command center: 2
Biplanes seen: 1
Times I heard to word "broheim" used sincerely: 1
Times I was daydreaming while driving and hit 90mph before I realized what I was doing: 4


Ricky said...

I really can't thank you and Tom enough for coming out to Iowa City. I could never have asked for such a favor. If we were ever in a war, I'd help shoot you in the foot so you could be discharged - that's friendship.

Tom Brush said...

damn, that IS friendship. and i have a strange craving for an energy drink right now..