Thursday, May 14, 2009

James Pauley's awkward afternoon

In case you didn't know, I have some of the best roommates in the world. But this post is about one in particular, James Pauley, a brunette six foot plus Capricorn hailing from Omaha, Nebraska. I was looking for places in the Haymarket to shoot some engagement portraits, and James brought his A-game happy couple modeling. So thank you, James.

Stay tuned for the real couple coming later this week.


Shannon Smith said...

I really like the reflection pic of James and Bea.

Also, I am preeeety sure that you only say "brunette" when referring to women, but whatever. :)

Midnight Society said...

yes. Yes. YEs. YES. YEEEES

cvk said...

on that top one, move the subjects away from the background, which will frame them in the green and make a nice pattern for the background. shallow depth of field. i like the blog updates (its about damn time!)