Thursday, October 9, 2008

Larry White

"I did this job in the summer-times, when I was a kid in high school...I decided that I wanted an outside job again, and I've just been really happy ever since. I enjoy working outside. So much better than being indoors.

I left Chubbyville, which used to be a drive in restaurant in town, as a car hop, making 95 cents an hour to come work for the city, summer-times, making a dollar seven an hour. Long time ago. That was back in 1971, I think it was...things have changed since then. Quite a bit.

I was on the mowing crew. Which was basically similar to the mowing crew we have no...We had some old equipment back then. We had hand slingers we'd use instead of Weed Eaters...and brooms and stuff rather than took us a lot longer to mow than it does nowadays. Cuz we had like 36 inch Heckendorns, and now we have 10-foot mowers, so, things are just so much better now than back then. But it was fun, we had a lot of fun.

Lot of high school kids. In fact, two of them became cops...another one became, he's head of our credit union, City Employees Credit Union. So, you just never know. Crazy."

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