Friday, October 10, 2008

Amy Hilske

"Well, I love my job here. But...I won't be here forever. My husband and I are starting our own winery. So to tie in in with all the plants here, I also have two and a half acres of grapes that we grow in Ashland, Nebraska.

For me...when you think of a dream, that's my dream right now. We constantly on a daily basis think about that, work on that, as well as both have our own jobs...So that keeps us very, very busy but it keeps us going cause it's out dream that we're working towards...something that we work on together.

Right now, my husbands also taking a wine making class and our 'homework' is every week we have a new bottle of wine we need to try. It's been really fun the last five or six weeks. 'Oh, what homework do we have this week?' and everybody's like 'Homework?' I'm like 'Yeah, I have to drink wine.' That's been really fun to think every week I got a new bottle of wine I need to try and learn about and research."


jessica said...

So are you doing these for a project or something?

Zachami said...

I think you and I should start doing this with hard liquor. Only make it one bottle a day instead of one a week.

Cool project, by the way.