Monday, July 28, 2008

Last week (?)

1. Trying to blatantly copy Matt Eich (my attempt above) is easier said than done.
2. As much as I do not like golf, I can respect golfers self-deprecating sense of humor.
3. Reno nightlife is a lot more happening (read: scary) than back home.
4. I need to learn to tell the story better.
5. I really wouldn't mind spending another three months down here.

P.S. Many of you might like to make a PayPal donation at this site.


Midnight Society said...

So let's see the photo you took.

P.s. I can't believe I actually clicked that link.

Lizzy said...

Well, well. Another great shot from Clay. Big surprise there. ;) Thanks for the lovely comment on flickr, by the way.

Lizzy said...

I'm gonna go click on the aforementioned link now (and hope it doesn't drop me off at a totally inappropriate site).

Breen said...

that matt eich guy is amazing. i got lost in his portfolios for like hour at work. I love the silent bond one.

can't wait to see all your photos when you get back.

And I, like molly, am disappointed that I clicked the link to. But I'm more disappointed that I thought it was real and spent 10 minutes trying to fix my internet. thanks.

jessica said...

Keep Clay in Reno?
Funny. Still can't believe it's your last week, and that I still have three more left.
But in case you ever get tired of the flatness of Nebraska, you can always visit :)

Amy Beck said...

i'm all for the keepclayinreno fund, however instead of cash i'll supply you with food from my fridge, beer, and my outstanding company. oh wait i've done that for the last 3 months. but still you know i want you to stay.

Vanessa Skocz said...

Hey I found us a judge for our shootout. His name is Shayne Robinson and he's an awesome photog I met in South Africa.

here's his e-mail: I told him someone would contact him when we would need him to be a judge. He seemed excited about it.

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