Monday, July 7, 2008

Another week down


1. As much as I love the Fourth (who doesn't?), I despise shooting fireworks displays.
2. Ever since I quit smoking cigarettes, I may have become addicted to energy drinks instead.
3. There are some 7-11s that are just mini marts, with no gas pumps. Back home, they are always a gas station.
4. I am the only one around Reno that seems amazed by the fact above.
5. The summer is almost over.


Zachami said...

you QUIT?

Midnight Society said...

Thank goodness. You looked like a punk ass when you smoked. Is that some cirque du soleil shit in tat photo?

Amy Beck said...

if you quit then that must have been your twin clem chain smoking outside of my house.

and anyway you are about two weeks too late. you were comletely energy drink addicted during the rodeo and at that point it would have fit back in, but since "you can never REALLY quit anyway" i call bull shit. but that's just my two cents.

Bob Al-Greene said...

You quit smoking? Thank God, now I won't always be asking you for cigs.

...we are no longer friends.

Lizzy said...

I'm really not sure which is worse - energy drinks or cigarettes. Whatever the case, you should definitely quit consuming both.