Sunday, May 18, 2008

"How do you like your internship, newbie?"


First breaking news assignment this summer. Went on a wild goose chase around Reno trying to find a man who had called police saying he had killed his wife and kids and at least three random people as he drove around town. Allegedly, the man claimed he had ten cats who were telling him to kill. Read the story here.

On a related note, I need a police scanner for my car. (Christmas is only seven months away...)


Tom Brush, Loan Master General said...


can you send me that picture in a large?


Zachami said...

Nice focus.

on a completely unrelated note:

I particularly enjoyed the quote: "They don't have javelins in Afghanistan...That's where I'm lucky."

kw said...

How did you not immediately call me and tell me about this shit? ITS TOO GOOD and you knew i'd love it

Lizzy said...

The cats were telling him to kill, huh? That's not cool. My cats would never say such preposterous things to me.