Monday, February 4, 2008

I really don't want to leave this town


breen said...

remember a few years back in san fran with you me bob plaid and deabler. those were the best days of our lives

oh and i like the photo

Bob Al-Greene's Cartoon Blog said...

Goddamnit Clay it's been cold as shit here. It's fucking miserable and snowing and I have to walk over to Andersen for Journalism class today. I hate you and I hate journalism and I hate California.

oh and i like the photo

kw said...


I have a tickle in my throat and I just sneezed.

Everyone laughed at me in Printmaking today, but not because my art sucked.

Obama is coming to OMAHA and I don't think I can go.

and an important update...

You are coming home soon to a blizzard, HA HA! No more bragging rights, Just your big ass gloves and snow flying up your nostrils.