Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dumb Blondes

At the Qwest Center for Nebraska's victory over Oregon, the fans rushed the court and swarmed Coach Sadler.

Here's one frame:

Here's the next:

P.S. Thank you Greg, my brother in colorblindness.


kw said...

1. That makes me laugh
2. What the fuck kind of hair cut is that?
3. That would've been such a good photo minus the little tyke...
4. I hate blonde people. Now you get it.

CartoonBob said...

Man, you should've pulled a Ron Artest on that kid. There was a lot going on, no one would have noticed you just knocking some kid out.

Lizzery said...

I get that same feeling of annoyed-ness every time the ref walks in front of my potentially badass basketball dunk shots.

Zachami said...

I think you should have pulled a Don Imus on her - called her a nappy headed ho.

Then knee her in her crotch. It hurts girls, too.