Wednesday, June 18, 2008

International shootout: Red Week

Last Wednesday, Greg Blobaum and I started a shootout. The theme this week was red. The only rule in the shootout is to submit four photographs that you think fits the theme.

Not long after a theme was decided, the whole thing snowballed to include quite a few Nevada photographers. I am not sure how they will show off their entries, but in a few weeks we'll figure something out.

So check out Greg's blog, leave comments or questions, etc. If you don't know him and are afraid to leave a comment on his blog, this is all you need to know.

Here are my entries. If you want in on this, let me know.



Breen said...

the one of the blood on the guy's chest is the balls! thats so freaking sweet. by far my favorite, and fits the theme perfectly

Lizzy said...

This is great. So, how do I get involved if I want to get some color-themed action goin' on?

Breen said...

so i don't understand.... does everyone shoot till wed, and post that night? is there a new shoot-off every week?

im not sure im ready for this clay. i might end up like the guy in your photo. yea, the one with the freakin' sweet bloody chest.

due clarify the rules for everyone

Zachami said...

i think i want to participate in this with my non-camera. i'll fucking borrow and camera and take some balls shit, though. you should start a "shootout" blog, where people leave links to their entries in comments and you and a few others judge them.

just an idea.

Teresa Prince said...

I'm not sure how to enter the shootout, so I posted it on my blog. Check her out!